19 October 2008

Evensong Pentecost XXIV

When I was growing up, the Duffords, Mace and Clara, lived across our fence -- well, they lived in the house whose yard bordered our. They were like an aunt and uncle to me.. It helped that I grew up and went to school with their grandchildren. Their yard! Oh, was like something out of Best Gardeners of the World magazine. I wish I had a photo to post of the way it looked.

Clara always called me "my boy." Both have been members of the Church Triumphant for a very long time -- about twenty years or so. I sang for each of their funerals (old Lutheran family).

Tonight as I came home and drove into the drive way, there was a light on in the Dufford's kitchen; only it's not their kitchen any more. For one split second I was a kid again,. And then I realized that I'm not a kid any more, and I missed my Clara.

Clara's favourite hymn (indeed, favourite song) is This is My Father's World. Tonight, as I remember then, TTLS's Even song is for Clara.

Evensong from the BBC -- Peterborough Cathedral, is here. Peterborough Cathedral is very special to me for it was in it that God called me home to the Episcopal Church.