21 January 2011

Iker 0 : TEC 10

In a decision that I must admit surprises me, we learned this afternoon that former bishop Jack L. Iker has been dealt a hefty slap in the face by the legal system in a summary judgment.

Episcopal Cafe reports that:

On Friday, January 21, 2011, the Hon. John P. Chupp of the 141st District Court, Tarrant County, Texas, granted the Local Episcopal Parties’ and The Episcopal Church’s Motions for Summary Judgments. He denied the Southern Cone parties Motion for a Partial Summary Judgment

The Court orders provide in part that the defendants, including Bishop Jack L. Iker, “surrender all Diocesan property, as well as control of the Diocesan Corporation, to the Diocesan plaintiffs and to provide an accounting of all Diocesan assets within 60 days of this order.”

Additionally, “the Court hereby orders the Defendants not to hold themselves out as leaders of the Diocese.

A PDF of the order is here.