24 November 2010

What General Synod really said

Anglican cyber-land has been ablaze this morning with the news that the General Synod of the Church of England, the Mother Church, has "voted to approve the covenant." It was stated that the vote was by a large majority in favour. Well, that's hogwash as they say in the Southern United States.

Rowan changed his opening address to bully the first form school children that he thinks they are, into a vote of confidence for his reign as the worst archbishop of Canterbury in the history of the world. Being obedient, the naughty first formers gave him what he told them to give him. But, just barely. The vote was a "simple majority" not an overwhelming majority.

The delegates to General Synod knew that the vote would postpone any action on the dreadful document forced on the sane Anglicans by the insane and power greedy primates who want to be queens. General Synod send the whole covenant idea to the dioceses where it will be "discussed in a gentlemanly fashion" in the deaneries, which is, in my opinion, where it should be discussed. This will allow the sane voices to be heard.

Life or death of the Covenant in England is in the hands of the local Anglicans who are, thankfully, more sane than most of the bishops and primates in the Church of England.

Recognizing this, the Deatheaters issued a statement which says, in effect, "we aren't interested in anything the rest of you do because we aren't playing cricket with you. We have our own court now, and we have our own balls, wickets, and bats, and more important, we have our own umpires. So sod off, the lot of you." The name of deposed, former bishop Bob Duncan on the document as one of their leaders proves that they are not Anglican nor wish to be Anglican.

What this statement did is not what it intended to do. I think it will be used against the covenant in the deaneries of the Church of England. Sane Anglicans can say, "It's impossible to be cricket with these people. We have given them just about everything they demanded and they still won't play a gentlemanly game."

But what can one expect from a bunch of lying malcontents bent on world domination and a theocracy where people are murdered for disagreeing with them or their Neanderthal moral code.

One thing is certain: The Anglican Communion is dead as of today. It's been gasping for breath ever since Rowan allowed the stormtroopers free reign. Requescat in Pace, Communio Anglicana. we can only put our hand into the hand of God and go forth into the unknown.

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