30 November 2008

Advent Sunday - Evensong and Advent Kalendars

Advent is my favourite season of the Church year. I love the quietness of the season - the lighting of the Advent wreath - watching each week as the lights increase. I love the royal purple vestments (although this year our new rector is taking us into that dreaded blue the vestment companies have forced upon us). I love the lessons that prepare us for the birth, but at the same time call us to prepare ourselves for the day when Christ, the King will return however, and in whatever from that return will be. And I love the hymns which the world doesn't know, but are like a secret code of we "real" Christians.

There are a couple of online Advent Calendars I've discovered. One is from the CoE and is found here. The introduction, at least, features the Archbishop of Canterbury in a video clip. The RC parish of St. Margaret Mary in Napersville, IL, has one here. This calendar is also available by clicking the Advent Wreath on the blog.

My favourite Advent hymn is "Rejoice! Rejoice believers" using the wonderful Swedish tune, but I could not find a recording of it. So, we begin our Advent season with "Wake, Awake" another of the magnificent Advent hymns from our German writers.

Evensong from the BBC is here, sung by the Lay Clerkes of Newcastle Cathedral.