17 November 2008

Ft Worth and Iker's tangled web of deceit


"Oh, what a tangled web we weave when practice others to deceive."

It appears that Bisohp Iker, has or is about to have, a huge chunk of his gluteus maximus chewed off, and he has only his own greed to thank.

Reports are that certain affidavits have turned up from a court case in the mid 1990s when at Ft. Worth parish, The Church of Holy Apostles attempted to withdraw from the diocese and keep the property.

The truly ironic bit of all of this is that the affidavits have been in print for all the diocese to read for a long time. They are actually published in the diocesan handbook for vestries. When a reader emailed me a couple of weeks ago with the excerpts in question, I was really gobsmacked. The handbook is fascinating reading.

In one affidavit, Bishop Watland states:
Under both the diocesan and national canons, even if title had been held in the [parish], the property is imposed with an expressed trust in favor of the diocese, with the property to be for the use of an Episcopalian congregation ... [and] ... it is therefore my opinion as an expert in canon law, that the Defendants have no valid claim to the property whatsoever." [Emphasis added]
Can I have an "ouch!" The Iker/Watland affidavits also state that the property is held in trust for the diocese and the national church.

Now, Iker and his band of deluded priest and laity, say the property belongs to the diocese and has never been held in trust for the National Church, and therefore, by stroke of the pen, it's theirs.

Now you understand why +Iker has been so vocal about his schismatic group being "the Episcopal Diocese." At his convention address Saturday, he repeatedly stated that they would continue to be "the Episcopal Diocese." He has deluded himself into believing the courts will not understand the difference between his group and the Episcopal Church.

Additionally, the affidavits state that the diocese of Ft. Worth submitted itself to the C&C of the Episcopal Church, including the Dennis Canon (and that is the smoking gun, folks).

What makes these affidavits so tragically painful is that Iker and the schismatics in Ft. Worth hold Watland in such esteem that he is their patron saint.

My question is, was Iker deceiving the court back in the 1990s, or is he deceiving the diocese now? If the former then, perhaps perjury charges can be filed. If the latter, he has no claim to the property or monetary assets and his own words convict him. Either way his own web has captured him, zuchetto and crozier.

But, there might just be another explanation. Could it be that as far back as the mid 1990s, Iker was preparing his strategy and that's why they said "Episcopalian Congregation?" If they were banking on the court being unable to understand the difference between Episcopal and Episcopalian, the bishops will be surprised that the courts aren't obtuse.

I will say it again, why would anyone want to enter into an ecclesiastical relationship of any type with people with such moral turpitude?

Power makes for mighty strange bedfellows as we saw in in the California propositions. There is an old saying, that some child messed up and made better: "When you lie down with dogs, you get up stinking." When Duncan announces his archbishopric of the new province, the first week of December, they will already need air freshener and flee collars.

I wanted to publish the information last week, but the "my source" asked me to keep the information confidential until the remaining Episcopalians could line up some ducks and Iker actually allowed the vote to proceed. Thanks to The Grapevine and Fr. Scott, you may read reproductions of the excerpts in question. You will also find the the whole handbook here. I recommend that you read the whole handbook.

I've added a couple of photos to the Mt. Calvary story -- please check them out and remember to pray for the brothers and all the other fire victims who have lost everything. Additional photos (before and after) may be viewed here.