06 November 2008

I lied yesterday --

I have received an email link that I feel a moral obligation to tell you about.

A petition is being circulated to request the IRS to investigate the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter0-day Saints for moving far beyond the scope of what is allowed and asking the IRS to revoke the Mormon Church's tax exempt status.

I have a moral obli
gation to ask you to visit the site, to sign the petition (this isn't an email scam) and tell your friends and loved ones about the petition

If the Mormon Brethren wish to engage in politics and call it "morality" to mask it, they need to be dealt with by the same rules of the game they established, then we have a moral obligation to deal with it.

The Bible tells us to "Fear God and honour the King." As we have no king, that means the government which both Old and New Testament tells us is ordained by God. Paul tells us we must be subject to the rulers. Those rulers have established a distance between theocratic rule and secular rule. I believe the Mormons have violated that rule.

Though the civil courts, the government spoke and said same-gender issues are a state matter and a fundamental right. The LDS have chos
en to disobey the same bible that they use to condemn others with, to enshrine their theological position into the civil law. That is immoral. So, this post, and this endeavour is a matter or morality. We must to call the LDS leaders and the majority of its members to account for their immoral activities.

Not this is not a political matter. We are simply addressing a moral matter.

The Mormons, Roman Catholic hierarchy, and the fundamentalists want the full protection of the law for their activities, and they want to remove that f full protection from anyone who disagrees with them. That is immoral.

Here is the link.

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