21 December 2008

Evensong Advent IV and Concert

I'm doing something a bit different tonight. In addition to the BBC Evensong, I'd like to direct you to the online recording of the 2007 St. Olaf Christmas Festival. Go, enjoy; it is more than worth the click.

For the BBC Evensong, click here.

I'm posting a Christmas song that is quite popular in Scandanivia. I wanted to post it in Swedish, but I couldn't find a good version of it. So, it's in Norwegian. Here is the English translation. My thanks to Goeren for correcting my Swedish.
Now thousands of Christmas candles blaze
Upon the dark round earth
And thousand, thousands beam
Upon heaven's deep blue background.

And over town and land tonight
Goes the glad tidings of Christmas
That born is the Lord Jesus Christ
Our Savor and God

Thou star over Bethlehem
Oh, let they gentle light
Shine in with hope and peace
Into every home and hosue.

In each heart, poor and dark
Send thou a soft beam
A beam of God's loving light
This blessed Christmastide.