31 December 2008

Economics and the schismatic spin

If this were a melodrama, the full title would be:
Economics and the schismatic spin
any life jacket will do.
I've been reading quite a bit lately about the deficits many (if not most) churches in TEC are experiencing. Some parishes are 70-100,000 in the hole and the deficit projected for 2009 are even greater. Even the National Cathedral is in financial distress and as I understand it, heads have rolled.

What is so interesting about all of this is the way the schismatics in the United Stated have grabbed it and run with it in an attempted end play. (I think that's the correct metaphor - I didn't play football in school.)

So desperate are they for validation of their new organization that they are grasping at straws. Canterbury has not validated their new organization, so they have something to make themselves feel good.

So, the economic crisis is the best thing possible for them. They can point to the reduced income of come parishes to show that God is cursing TEC and blessing the schismatics. What they don't tell us is how their cash flow is holding up. I have it on rather good authority that the schismatic organization is having financial difficulties, too. But, we aren't going to hear about that - that bad news wouldn't make them look like the anointed remnant of "true Christians."

They don't examine the full scope of this economic downturn. The church for which I am pastor musician has a deficit of 48,000 for this year. Pledged income for 2009 is only 140,000 of which 127,000 is what they pay their minister. The whole projected budget was slashed more than 60 percent. This has nothing to do with gay rights or God's curse. It's a simple economic matter. The above fact proves the schismatics are breaking wind about TEC's finances proving anything.

So, in the end, it's more propaganda from the schismatics. But then, that's all they know how to produce. Didn't someone biblical say "by your works shall all know you?" Ah, yes. lies and manipulation are such great Christian virtues.

On a different topic, you must, not need to, you must go read his article on MSNBC: Parents' response key to health of gay youth. Most of us have known this information for a long time, but it's nice to see it presented and confirmed by reputable researchers.

For me, the most interesting bit is that our sons and daughters are "coming out" at a younger age than ever before:
Such conversations are necessary because young people have been coming out at younger ages. Consistent with other studies, the youths in Ryan's study were on average younger than 11 when they first experienced a same-sex attraction, were just over 14 when they realized they were gay and came out to their families before they had turned 16.
How things have changed since I was that age - and what a great thing it is that they can come out at such a young age -- for their peers, it's a non issue. Thanks be to God!

And on a completely different subject, sometime early this morning, TTLS received it's 28,000 unique visitor. Who'da thunk.