07 January 2009

MacBurney to lead schismatics in Quincy.

Well, Mark Harris commented yesterday that things were too quiet in schismatic land. The events of yesterday and today certainly make that statement void.

According to a source in Quincy, +Edward MacBurney, retired, who was briefly inhibited by the Presiding Bishop for performing illegal episcopal acts, has agreed to lead the schismatic diocese of Quincy.

As you may remember, the inhibition came as the result of his performing confirmations in the Diocese of San Diego on behalf of Presiding Bishop Venables.

MacBurney did not seek or receive the permission of +James Mathes, Ordinary, before performing the episcopal acts. The canons of TEC (and virtually every province of the Anglican Communion) state, no presbyter may exercise any priestly act without the express permission of the Ordinary of the diocese.

The inhibition was lifted last September after MacBurney apologized. and promised not to repeat the illegal episcopal acts. However, he did not renounce his presidency of Forward in Faith which is a member of whatever Duncan's followers are going to call themselves. [David reports that Ackerman, whom MacBurney replaces, is not president of FiF.]

In November he assumed a limited administrative responsibility in the Episcopal Diocese of Quiny upon Ackerman's resignation.

We have a bishop of TEC who thrice promised before God to be faithful to the Episcopal Church, without reservation. Each Maundy Thursday he renewed that vow. Now, he has accepted oversight of a schismatic group -- an act, in my opinion, which constitutes abandonment of TEC.

Therefore, one may only conclude that the bishop was grossly duplicitous in his apology -- he was neither sorry nor repentant as his actions today testify.

He has presented us with another example of the type of "morality" of the schismatic clergy.

UPDATE: Episcopal Cafe has a report here.