11 April 2009

US History a la Native Americans

Monday, 13 April, PBS begins a five-part series of US history as viewed from the American Indian experience. You may watch a brief trailer at We Shall Remain.

The five episodes are: After the Mayflower, Tecumseh's Vision, Trail of Tears, Geronimo, and Wounded Knee.
Every tribe in this country has a time of horrors--absolute horrors.
That quote from the documentary is the stark reality of the manner in which the Europeans treated the Native population. That does not mean the Indians were loving to other tribes. However, the planned mass genocide committed by Europeans is without equal until the Twentieth Century which saw the genocide of Armenians and Jews, particularly, but also homosexuals, Gypsies, and the mentally and physically challenged.

A little known fact is that the term Final Solution was coined by William Sherman who used it to describe the US Government's plan for the Native population.

An advance look at the making of We Shall Remain is here. It includes
a preview of the documentary film with a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the series. You will also be introduced to the creative forces behind this groundbreaking project, including award-winning filmmakers Chris Eyre, Ric Burns, Dustinn Craig and Stanley Nelson as well as executive producers Mark Samels and Sharon Grimberg.

Plan to watch this important documentary and set your personal video recorder (TiVo or other) for the series. You'll want to watch it again.