08 May 2009

A new blog - Gay Married Californian, and other blogging news

One of the nice things about having one's own blog is that one may post on any topic one wishes. So, taking advantage of "ownership," I have an announcement to make:

Our friend from Fr. Jake's place, "I.T.", has a new blog: Gay Married Californian. She and her partner "B.P." were married during the time marriage was available to all residents of the State of California. Now, her marriage is threatened by the religious fundamentalists who poured an obscene amount of money into, and spread deliberate lies during Proposition H8 which narrowly passed last November.

Although I have not met either of these gentle spirits in person, I consider both to be my friends as well as my sisters. Therefore, their civil rights are a concern to me and to my civil rights.

I made a decision to avoid any political posts here at TTLS. However, the marriage equality situation is not political: it is a matter of God's justice. As we await the decision of the California Supreme Court, let us pray "Let justice run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream." Amos 5.24. In case you haven't figured it out, I support full marriage equality for all of God's children.

From the blog:
We, the 18,000 couples married during the California Interregnum when gay marriage was legal, have a huge role to play. The right to marry for our GLBT family will not be restored without us embracing the role of Ambassadors, to teach our friends, neighbors, and coworkers that our marriages are as vital, serious, and important as any marriage.

So on this blog, we'll tell our stories. (If you put your stories in the comments, I will put them up as posts.) And, we'll provide information and talking points so we can advocate for our position.

Comments are moderated: this is my house, not a free-for-all, and rude, abusive, or hostile behavior will not be tolerated. If you post as anonymous, make sure to sign your post with a handle of some sort.
AND, SINCE I'M SHAMELESSLY plugging blogs, make sure to check out TransEpiscopal. There is also a link on the sidebar for the blog. Some great posts there on a topic most of us don't think about too often.

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ALSO REMEMBER the gathering "Community Forum at Tracy tomorrow - our Blog Father, the Rev'd Terry Martin will be there.

This is one time I won't apologize for two posts on the same day.