04 July 2009

Following GC09

Episcopal Life has published an online version of the Guide to General Convention. It's really an informative document and worth your reading. I will warn you that it is very slow to load - I tried the site four times and the speed never increased.

In the "old days," the only way for non-attending Episcopalians to find out what was going was to subscribe to the Convention Daily which mailed each day. Of course, all the information we received was three-seven days old by the time we read it. Things are different now!

For readers who are not able to attend GC09, here are a few places to follow the event. I have attempted to be even-handed in the following list. We can be sure that the official publications of TEC will post daily if not more often, but I'm not sure exactly how much daily coverage there will be forthcoming from the other sites listed.
If you know of any other sites covering GC09, please let me know and I'll link to them.

Fr. Martin offers us a chance to "chat live" from GC:

One of my ideas for General Convention is to have a chat room available at various times during the day. So, I'm testing out a particular product:


Stickam has the advantage of allowing both audio and cams. The other rooms there are mainly made up of young people, some of them with extremely foul mouths, so I cannot recommend them.

I've created a room with a password, so we won't have to deal with such folks.

So, if you want to help me out, come visit the room. Here's what you have to do:

  1. Go to Stickam
  2. Register. It's fairly non intrusive and just takes a minute
  3. You'll be asked to go to the email account that you used and respond to the Stickam email
  4. Once you are logged in, go to group chat
  5. Scroll down to "Episcopal Chat"
  6. Enter this password: TEC815

Come try it out. If this works, we'll be using it as part of the reception hosted by the Evangelism and Congregational Life Center at General Convention, as well as throughout Convention.

Dates and times of regular chat sessions TBA... For now, if you don't find "Episcopal Chat" on the menu, check back later. Once again, I do not encourage you to visit any of the public rooms. They can be quite toxic.

Check it our folks.
And while you're checking things out take a look at Wakeup Call a blog I just discovered.