12 August 2009

Fr. Scott's new ministry

Some of "us" have been following the transformation in ministry of our blog brother, Scott. Scott has formerly been a parish priest. Recently, he packed his life into a few boxes, bid his parish adieu and pointed his pony westward.

A few days ago he arrived in the Hopi Nation where he was greeted by a cricket that sang to him from each door into Scott's new home.

Although he (Scott, not the cricket) will work as a school administrator, he will also be functioning as a priest of TEC. The Christian community there is predominantly Mennonite and Scott will be working for and with that community.

Today, we received this message form Fr. Scott:
[Wednesday], the first prayers of the Episcopal Church ever to be uttered publicly in the land of the Hopi will be said.

I am keenly aware that we are guests here, so I pray for genuine humility as I lead devotions for the school staff, which includes a number of traditional Hopi.

Before we begin, I will also utter the instructions of the Creator to the Hopi when they first arrived in this Fourth World. Please pray.
Apparently, it was only recently discovered that the Hopi Nation is in the Diocese of Arizona. That may account for why TEC has not opened a ministry with the Hopi before this time - although this is an informal ministry.

Let us remember to pray for Fr. Scott and his secular and religious work.

To learn more about the Hopi, read here and this site with wonderful resources about the Hopi People. Hopi culture is absolutely fascinating.

And check in from time to time over at Fr. Scott and Company for updates on his ministry. He hopes to be blogging again soon.

On an unrelated topic, there is new information about the death of Alex Heidegren here.