10 September 2009

Schismatic site appeals for cash

I received an e-mail from a certain flagrant adulterer who is well known to all of us. If you remember, he divorced his wife after she had been diagnosed with a serious medical condition a la Newt Gingrich even though Jesus plainly said divorce is a serious sin. Then to compound that sin, he married another woman.

The e-mail talks about his work during General Convention 2009 and how the non-religious media used his site as a reference in their own articles. He also says that his readership was up over 35 percent.

If we are going to brag, I suppose I could mention that each day of convention TTLS received 120,000+ hits per day. According to the counter service I use, there were 214,434 first time hits. I can't say new readers because with so many people using alternate servers while in Anaheim, I'm sure that a significant portion of those "first time hits" were regular readers "in town" for the convention.

After patting himself on the back as being a "source" for secular media including the NY Times , Washington Post, USA Today and the Telegraph, and radio and TV , he includes an interesting paragraph:
To keep the news coming daily to the website and through our weekly digest of stories, please consider a tax-deductible donation to support our ongoing ministry. You can send a donation through PAYPAL by going to [URL removed] and hitting the PAYPAL link. Conversely, you can send a snail mail donation...
Things must not be too good in schismland if their main blog has to beg bread. I challenge all who donate to his cause to donate an equal amount to world hunger. The challenge is laid down, but it won't be taken up.