19 May 2010

Why didn't the Bishop of El Camino Real attend the recent consecrations?

There is much speculation as to the reason the the Rt. Rev'd Mary Gray Reeves did not attend the recent consecration of +Mary and +Diane as bishops coadjutor for the Diocese of Los Angeles.

It is reported that the Rt. Rev'd Michael Perham, bishop of Gloucester has stated that the reason +Gray-Revees did not attend the consecrations was because he had asked her not to attend. The Diocese of El Camino Real and Gloucester are companion dioceses and +Mary is quite serious about this partnership.

I do not know if he made such a request, but this I know for a fact: On 15 May 2010, the Rt. Rev'd Mary Gray-Reeves was at home in bed recovering from a serious surgery.

Many of us were privy to the surgery before it happened, and I can say it was not a surgery that could be postponed to a more convenient time.

Additionally, at the diocesan music workshop in Salinas on 14 May, we were told that +Mary sent her regrets for not being with us, but she was not strong enough to make the ten-mile journey. This was a long planned and official diocesan event. As Ordinary, Gray-Reeves first responsibility was to the Diocese of El Camino Real.

If she could not drive the ten or so miles to Salinas, she could not have made a 600-mile round trip journey to Los Angeles, sat though the long consecration, and returned to ECR for a n offical Visitation the next day.

I feel that as a bishop, +Mary could be more progressive and vocal in support of the GLBT community as a whole and the diocese itself. I know that her personal feelings do not match the conservative via media public stance she has taken.

As Ordinary, +Gray-Reeves is very supportive of the gay and lesbian clergy in this diocese, and they will not hesitate to confirm that fact.