18 June 2010

Moravians vote for full communion with TEC

This evening the Moravian Church Northern Province voted to enter full communion with the Episcopal Church. There was only one "no" vote. In September the Southern Province will vote on the issue and both votes will need to be approved by the international body of the Unitas Fratrum which will meet next in 2012.

It's interesting that they should move closer to full communion with us today mere hours after Lambeth Palace (LP) told our Executive Council that "ecumenical relations are at an all time low" because of TEC's actions. It would appear that TEC's ecumenical talks are proceeding in a healthy manner. Perhaps Lambeth's talks are not going well because of Lambeth Palace itself.

Although the Moravian Church does not allow openly gay and lesbian persons to function as ordained clergy, TEC's full inclusion was deemed "not a matter of doctrine" by the Unitas Fratrum the international governing board of their church.

According to their blog, David L. Wickmann, president of the Provincial Elders' Conference of the Northern Province said
This is an important day in the life of our churches. This communion means our Church has the opportunity to engage with one of our historic partners in a more complete and meaningful way.
One must wonder why LGTB clergy is not a problem for the Moravian Chruch but is a "communion breaker" for Fundamentalists in the Anglican Communion.

The Moravian Church was founded in 1457 by followers of Jan Hus. It was founded 50-years before Luther nailed his thesis to the door of the Church in Wittenburg.

The graphic on this post is the seal of the Moravian Church.