06 June 2010

A Nation Remembers 6 June

On this day in 1944 American Forces landed on the coast of France in what history calls D-Day. It is not possible for us to comprehend what the forced experienced on that day on those beaches. My cousin, Hearl, was there. He had nightmares the rest of his life about that day and he could never talk about what happened there on 6 June. Truly, the men who served during the Second World War were some of American's greatest generation.

Today in 1968 one of American's brightest lights was extinguished. He, too, was part of that great generation of Americans. For those of my generation, this was a moment when the "dream" flickered and nearly went out. It didn't go out, but it has never burned as bright since that evening in Los Angeles.

Let us give thanks today for those who landed in France on this day, the living and the dead, and let us give thanks that occasionally, God raises up a man like Robert Kennedy.