03 June 2010

The wisdom and logic of Minns and the schismatics

In an article by the "as-supportive-of-the-schismatic-sect-as-we-can-be-and-still-be-in-TEC" otherwise known as The Living Church, Mr. Martyn Minns, a person of questionable episcopal orders (valid but irregular) having been elevated to the princehood by the Nigerian Church to facilitate border crossing and theft, has given us the benefit of his wisdom not to mention his stupidity:
[The Primates] never agreed that there is a moral equivalence between what they see as an attempt to change the Anglican Communion's teaching and a provision for temporary pastoral care.
And there you have it, folks - supporting equal justice and respecting the dignity of GLBT people is that sin that passes all forgiveness. It is so horrible that it excuses murder, lying, theft, adultery and every other sin in the list.

The facts are this:
  1. The primates never agreed to anything - no punishment of any kind. Yes, the so-called global south primates conspired to punish the rest of the communion, but they are not the majority of primates. At no meeting of the primates was there ever an agreement to punish anyone.
  2. The primates have no authority to make any decision except what they are having for luncheon. They are not and have never been a legislative branch. There is no legislative entity in the Anglican Communion - not even, and particularly Lambeth Conference.
  3. There is no official teaching of the autonomous churches that make up the Anglican Communion.
The Axis of Evil (the schismatics) chooses to ignore 125+ years of fact in an effort to usurp imaginary power over the Anglican Communion. When it suits their purposes they are all for Canterbury and "covenant." But, when that two-edged sword swings in their direction they start sing a different tune. They are like the Jehovah's Witnesses - the only constant thing in their organization is that they are the chosen and the rest of the world is going to hell. Everything else spins upon the need of the moment.

Can we say "hypocrites."