07 July 2010

A chilling bit of news from the John nomination

Changing Attitudes reports that it was the un-honourable Mr. Rowan Willimas who, for a second time, stabbed Jeffrey Johns in the back.
Archbishop Rowan was apparently so furious about the first leak that he unilaterally vetoed Jeffrey’s name, betraying his friend for a second time and handing an apparent victory to the conservatives who seem to be successfully controlling him. Archbishop Rowan would have directed his anger in a more healthy direction if he had targetted the people inside and outside the Commission who have deliberately sabotaged its work.
Why do I say "chilling?" For two reasons. First, it shows that Williams has absolutely no integrity (pun not intended) and second that he, as "spiritual head" of the Church of England (COE) appears to be both morally bankrupt and an excellent hand puppet for the Calvinists infecting the COE and the Anglican Communion with their anti Christian hate. This incident, if correctly reported, also shows that he is a despot in the worse sense of the word. This is the man who wishes to rule the spirituality of the world's Anglicans.

"Jesus wept."