24 July 2010

The Twittering Communion

Too busy to attend church? Well, not anymore thanks to Twitter and an enterprising Methodist cleric in the UK who is offering the Holy Communion to the electronic generation. Consider the following:
Churches usually require a priest to take the Eucharist, but the Rev Tim Ross, a Methodist minister, will send out a prayer in a series of Tweets – messages of up to 140 characters – to users of Twitter.

Those following the service are asked to read each tweet out loud before typing Amen as a reply at the end.

The move is likely to upset traditionalists, but the Rev Mr Ross argues that it is an important step in uniting Christians around the world and reaching those who might not normally go to church.

Hundreds of people have already registered to follow the service and Mr Ross hopes that thousands will have signed up by the time he sends out the groundbreaking tweets next month.
One must wonder, 'What next?' - seminary via twitter?

Read it here.

On another topic, Happy Pioneer Days to my LDS friends. Today marks the arrival of the first party, including Brighman Young, into the Salt Lake Valley. He is reported to have said, "This is the right place." (Most people misquote that as "This is the place."