17 August 2010

Adoptive familes are defective

I admit that I enjoy watching EWTN, the Roman Catholic network founded by Mother Angelica. I am thankful for the really wonderful shows they have and for the "old" shows from days gone by.

One of their weekly features is "The World Over" a news programme where reporting is from a solidly conservative Roman point of view. This past week there was a segment on Judge Walker's decision in the California Prop 8 (Prop H8). Raymond Arroyo, the solitary host opined on and lamented the "activist judge" and the revision of American history. But that wasn't the shocking part.

As part of the report an "expert" in Constitutional Law, I think he was from Harvard, was interviewed. I believe the man must be Roman Catholic. He had some very logical points and one was that Walker's thoughts on "grounds" for appeal was spot on as we have now seen.  He also went on to repeat all the propaganda of what marriage equality will lead to.

But what shocked me to my toenails was his statement about raising "normal, healthy children." On the official news of the EWTN, officially recognized and sanctioned Roman Catholic Church, we heard this statement.
The only means to raise emotionally and spiritually healthy children is in a home where the biological mother and biological father raise the child together.

The expert went on to say that adoptive families are abnormal and cannot raise healthy children. That's right, folks, he said that.

I was raised by my biological parents. Each and every day we (my brothers and I) were emotionally and physically abused by them. We knew that between sunrise and sun set, we would be beaten. Not disciplined - beaten. Often leaving bruises that would last for weeks. The emotional abuse was even worse. I would be much more healthy physically and emotionally had I been raised by adoptive parented.

Here is a list of some people who were raised in abnormal, inferior adoptive families.

Notice that there is not a single healthy person in that list.

Here are some people who've adopted children and raised them in a second class, defective families:
Now, that is a bunch of defective parents if you ask me!
But, I've saved for last the two most famous adopted children in history

So, according to the EWTN news' logic, both Moses and Jesus were emotionally and spiritually damaged because they were raised in adoptive families. Why is it that any time we hear a statement from an official Roman Catholic agency, nine times out of ten it is not only absurd but completely disprovable?