06 August 2010

Mexico moves forward

While the religious right wing in California is busy filing an appeal to remove civil rights from some Californians, Mexico, that "backwards nation" has moved forward on the issue of same gender marriages.
Mexico's supreme court has ruled that gay marriage is legal in the country's capital city. Yesterday's ruling goes against a challenge from President Felipe Calderon's conservative government. Calderon's lawyers had argued that Mexico City's laws were unconstitutional and would be destructive to families.
Now the United Sates is book-ended by nations that grant full civil rights to all their citizens while the US, the land of Liberty and Justice for All, fights to remove liberty and justice from its citizens. Will wonders never cease? It boggles the mind.

Not surprising, the Roman Catholic Church has condemned the decision. I'm sure a statement from Salt Lake City will be issued also condemning the Mexico supreme court.

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