11 September 2010

ACNA: Anglican or amalgamation of mismatch?

Things in Anglican-land have been relatively quiet for some time. Yes, the usual suspects are going about the world seeking whom they may deceive, but on the whole, nothing new has happened. They are in cruse control.

There is an excellent article that I would like you to take the time to read over on Anglicans Ablaze. Robin G. Jordan writes for a virtueless site run by a practicing adulterer, so you know that the article doesn't present The Episcopal Church (TEC) in stellar light. But, the article needs to be read. How really Anglican is ACNA does an excellent job showing that ACNA is a well planned sham. Here is a quote:
Some people may argue that it does not matter how Anglican the ACNA is, as long as it is Catholic or Christian or Spirit-filled. It does, however, matter if the ACNA is going to represent itself as “the” Anglican Church in North America. As long as the ACNA seeks to speak for “orthodox North American Anglicans” in the councils of the Anglican Communion and the global South Anglican provinces, then it needs to be a genuine specimen of authentic historic Anglicanism, to uphold the authority of its historic formularies, and embody its beliefs and practices. If, however, the ACNA sees its mission as a charismatic Catholic umbrella church for independent Catholic and charismatic Convergence groups, then it needs to drop the pretense of being Anglican and leave the formation of a new orthodox Anglican province in North America to those who are committed to the maintenance of a genuine Anglican witness on the North American subcontinent, a witness grounded in the Bible and the Reformation. North America does not need another Episcopal Church, a church that long ago abandoned authentic historic Anglicanism but continues to masquerade as Anglican.
Jordan does an excellent joy presenting his case. Included in his argument is the sham of the 1662 Book Of Common Prayer being ACNA's standard.

Take a few minutes to read, mark and inwardly digest Jordan's post. It's worth the read. In fact, Jordan's blog is worth reading. He doesn't mince words about TEC or ACNA. And, let's face it, friends, TEC has its faults and although it hurts to have one's faults pointed out. At least Mr. Jordan does so in a gentlemanly fashion.