13 February 2011

Poor Rowan, what will he do?

Things just keep getting worse for the right wingers in the Angican Communion and its chief fence sitter, The Most Rev'd and Right Honourable Rowan Williams.

Parliament is going to allow same-gender marriages to take place in the church, and male couples will refer to the other partner as "husband" and lesbian couples will refer to their partner as "wife."
In a major concession to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's Lib Dems, the Government will announce that for the first time, such ceremonies will be allowed to have a religious element, including hymns and Bible readings. They could be carried out by priests or other religious officials.
The Archbishop of York has stated the is all for equal rights as long as someone else's rights don't offend him.
'I, who believes in a liberal democracy, and actually wants equality with everybody, cannot say 'the Quakers should not do it' nor do I want somebody to tell me 'but the church of England must do it, but the Roman Catholic church must do it' because actually that's not what equality is about. You mustn't have rights that trump other rights.
Isn't that sporting of him. And poor Rowan. Well, when one refuses to have a position on any matter, the ground is always quaking.

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