23 August 2008

Good on ya, Mr. Mitcham

I apologize for posting on sports, but this one is just too good to not comment on.

In what is being hailed as one of the most tremendous upsets of the Beijing games, Australian diver Matthew Mitcham won a gold medal today after his string of perfect 10's recorded this highest scoring dive in Olympic history. Good on you Mr. Mitcham!

I am not really a sports enthusiast, but I do like watching the "Straight Games." And what I really enjoy is seeing an athlete perform at his/her best. Watching some of these athletes is liking watching a ballet!

Mr. Mitcham dropped out of diving for a while because of severe depression. Thank goodness he found the strength to return to the sport! One person who has been by his side for the entire tumultuous and now brilliant journey is his partner, Lachlan, he was in the crowd courtesy of a Johnson & Johnson Olympic sponsorship. Mitcham is one of only a few "out" gay athletes in Beijing and the first Australian to openly declare his homosexuality going into an Olympics.

I couldn't find a clip of the ceremony at Beijing, but here is the Australian Anthem from the 2000 games.