21 August 2008

Lambeth Videos available from Trinity

I aplogize for a second post today, but, this bit of news is worth breaking my own rule.

As most of you know, each morning of the Lambeth Conference began with worship and a video presentation. Trinity Episcopal Church, Wall Street has made the videos available on their site. Make sure to watch at least some of the videos -- you learn a few things about the Communion. The Lambeth page is here. You may see exactly what your bishop watched each morning.

Trinity is the wealthiest Episcopal Church in the U.S. (it owns a lot of Wall Street real estate) It has a wonderful Online TV section that includes video casts of the principal weekly Eucharist and other special events. (Go to the page and scroll down to the list of TV casts.) If you are unable to attend church on any Sunday, you may tune in for a live web-cast of the Eucharist or watch is anytime thereafter.

I enjoy coming home from the church-job (at a UCC) and clicking on the Trinity site to watch Trinity’s mass. One of the fun things is that I can fast-forward though the sermon.

For those of you who might not know, Trinity’s two church buildings were almost grand central for care after the 11 September disaster. St. Paul’s was used as a temporary trauma centre and Trinity’s clergy staff did an astounding job ministering to the wounded souls.