31 October 2008

Iker opens mouth, reveals loss of mind

The Rt. Rev’d Jack Iker, who has spent several years preparing the leaders of the diocese of Ft. Worth to follow him into schismland, has released a statement to the diocese. It is filled with the usual propaganda and lies, but telling lies has never bothered these “Christians.” They deal in untruths like Paula Dean deals in butter.

I am told that there are still some people in the pews who wonder what this is all about – what are the real issues that separate us from TEC? Allow me to provide a brief summary of just a few of them:

• Our Diocese believes in salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. TEC believes there are many ways to salvation and that all religions lead to God.

Yes, the evil TEC and the evil Roman Catholic Church with it’s antichrist leader, Benedict. Iker must have some knowledge the rest of us do not have. KJS has stated that the way of the Christ is one path to God, but I’ve not heard her or the GC state that Jesus is not the way of salvation.

• Our Diocese believes in the authority of Holy Scripture in all matters of faith and morals. TEC believes the Bible needs to be revised and adapted to meet the changing culture and that it may mean different things in different social contexts.

No, Iker and his leaders belive in a particular interpretation of the bible. Iker does not allow women to wear pants, or anyone to mix fabrics, eat gumbo, pulled pork sandwiches, hotdogs, have gravy on their potatoes, or allow people caught in adultery to live. He burns witches and stones blasphemers. Also, any person with a deformity is not welcome in Ikerland. And clearly, no people with glasses are allowed to worship in Ikerland, take Communion, or hold positions of leadership - or, God forbid, be ordained. Any change in that is cleearly revisionist heresy. The same goes for childless couples.

• Our Diocese believes that the essentials of the Christian Faith have been revealed once and for all in the teachings of Jesus Christ and are not subject to change. TEC believes in a revisionist approach that says only the votes of successive General Conventions can determine doctrinal and faith issues for Episcopalians as times change.

Did you know that in Ikerland, divorced people may not present themselves fro holy communion? That’s right, divorced people are sinners and therefore have to be cast out of the church. Jesus was very clear about that sin. It is only revisionists who ignore that teaching. The same goes for those who are obese. And, In Ikerland they gather for worship on Saturday; that’s the “day of rest” mandated by the Holy Scriptures they worship. Any change in the seventh-day Sabbath is clearly revisionist.

• Our Diocese believes that all ordained clergy are under the obligation to model in their own lives the received teaching of the Church that all its members are to abstain from sexual relations outside Holy Matrimony. TEC believes that active homosexuals and bisexuals should be ordained to the sacred ministry of bishops, priests and deacons.

Ah, Donatism in action. The individual human is greater than God’s ability to work though any medium. As for the clergy, there are no mrried clergy -- after all, Jesus was single. Any change in the celibacy for clergy rule is simply revisionist.

• Our Diocese believes that marriage is the exclusive physical and spiritual union of one man and one woman for life. TEC believes same sex relationships are good and holy and should be blessed and celebrated.

Yes, this is why in Ikerland all those who have even looked at another person and thought, “ummmmm, that’s nice bit of crumpet” are denied Holy Communion.

• Our Diocese believes in the sacredness of human life from conception. TEC affirms abortion on demand.

That is totally unbiblical. No scripture supports that position. As for life, well, in Ikerland life is sacred only until about age 12, after which it’s perfectly fine to fry people in the electric chair for things like talking back to parents, adultery, working on Sabbath.

• Our Diocese has endorsed from the very beginning the position of Lambeth Resolution 1.10 (1998) on sexuality, the recommendations of the Windsor Report (2004) on how to keep us together as a Communion, and the need for an Anglican Covenant that will define the limits of diversity. TEC has repudiated the Lambeth resolution on human sexuality, acted in defiance of the Windsor Report, and will only accept a future Covenant if there are no consequences for breaking it!

First, there was much more to that resolution that that one section., but 110 is the only thing the fundamentalists have to use as an excuse for their Cromwellian coup. Second Lambeth Resolution 1.10 was never, and has never been an official teaching of the Anglican Communion, nor has the Windsor Report. As for acting in defiance of the Windsor Report, the GAFConners are defying it left and right, and Iker supports them. That is duplicitous.

• Our Diocese believes that the theological issue of the ordination of women as priests and bishops is a matter of conscience and must not be forced on anyone. TEC believes this matter has been decided for Episcopalians and that acceptance of it is mandatory in every diocese.

And Iker’s conscience says women must be barefoot in the kitchen and pregnant, while being subservient to men. I challenge Iker to support a ban on women's ordination by using the bible he worships.

• Our Diocese has constitutional and canonical provisions that place all church property in the name of the Corporation of this Diocese, to be held in trust for the use of each local congregation. TEC claims that all church property belongs to them, a claim first made by General Convention in 1979.

Well, in New York, the court ruled that that schismatic group had thirty years to object to the Dennis Canon. Since they didn’t, they accepted it as binding. I don’t remember Ft. Worth or Iker attempting to overturn the Dennis Canon. It was on the books when Ft Worth was created and they agreed to it. It worked fine until it interfered with his desire to steal church property.

• Our Diocese believes that heretical teaching by the church causes separation and division, that unity and truth must go together. TEC believes we should tolerate heresies and false teaching for the sake of remaining together.

What heretical teaching? TEC still believes and teaches the creeds; there is no heresy being taught. Yes, there are differing opinions in the church. If we are going to talk heresy, then we need to start talking about Donatism and Sydney’s tossing out two-thousand years of accepted church teaching when they authorized deacons to say mass something that is central to our faith as Anglicans. Oops, I fogot, they aren't Anglicans, they are Puritans.

• Our Diocese maintains that just as we voted to come into union with the General Convention in 1982, so we have the right to dissolve that union in 2008. TEC believes our affiliation with General Convention is irrevocable.

Wrong. Ft. Worth was created by GC, and only GC can dissolve it. Iker is living in delusion.

• Our Diocese stands with the vast majority of Anglicans around the world. TEC is a declining body and very much out of the mainstream of orthodox Christianity, both here and abroad.

Wrong again. Iker stands with a few schismatic primates who wish to create a new sect that is unlike anything in Anglican history. It is they who are out of the mainstream of Christianity here and abroad. But facts have never bothered schismatics. The primates do not speak for or represent the opinions of every member of that province.

The list could go on and on, but I think these few examples should suffice. The choice before us is clear. Will we contend for the faith as we have received it? Or we will accept the ongoing innovations and revisions of General Convention religion?

Yes, Iker could go on spouting his lies, but why? The decision has been made. He has brainwashed his hand picked leaders in to giving him the power he craves and to take a large portion of the communicants of the Diocese of Ft. Woth into schism and heresy.

Jack, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but I would like to request a couple of ounces of it be sent to me. I need to escape from reality, too.

How did we allow these mentally unbalanced people to get ordained in the first place?