31 October 2008

Reformation Day

I grew up, quite literally, in the shadow of a Swedish Lutheran Church. The town in which I lived, and still live was founded by the railway, but it was populated with Swedes. That's how I learned my very poor Swedish. The "townies" were mostly Swedes as were those living ut på landet (out in the sticks). In addition to the confirmation classes in the Episcopal Church, I also went to confirmation classes in the Lutheran Church.

I have such wonderful memories of those old Swedes who adopted me, taught me, nurtured me, and loved me. I will be in their dept eternally. Fortunately they were Augustana Synod and not Missouri Synod! I grew up with the fun side of Lutheranism -- they were serious about God, and helped me see that
seriousness, but they also loved to live life as fully human. And they passed that to me. They also introduced me to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, the god of music.

Because of all the above, I have a real dilemma when it comes to Reformation Day. My catholic soul hates the day and my Lutheran soul loves the day. So, I'm going to "go Lutheran" today. The following clip from You Tube is really cool. It's a great way to start out the Reformation Day.

"My Swedes" would have loved this one!