11 October 2008

I'm gettin married in the morning

Lest you all fall over in a dead faint, no I'm not getting married tomorrow, but My friend is.

I would like to offer my prayers and love to a blog friend and her beloved who will be married in San Diego.

"IT" (pronounced I. T. not "it") is a remarkable person. We met over at Fr. Jake's former blog. I was attracted to her as soon as I heard her story. She says she is still an atheist who found the Episcopal Church. I say she is just in denial about her conversion. :)

People such as "IT" make the Episcopal Church a beautiful patchwork quilt of people who love God. I'd rather have a church of people like IT, who question, rather than a church of people who promote hate.

You'll never guess what she and her beloved asked for a wedding present from each of their friends -- a donation to the No on 8 campaign. I did, and so should you.

On a related note I just stumbled upon a really cool blog, California Episcopalians for Equality. You really should go make a visit.