10 December 2008

ACN and the delusional Duncan

News was received today that the Anglican Communion Network has voted itself out of existence. As you will recall, they were formed in 2003 at the "suggestion" of the Most Rev'd Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. Their memorandum was signed by ten bishops of the Episcopal Church.

The purpose of the group was to call TEC "back to the faith once delivered to the saints." Credit must be given where due -- they did their best, that fact cannot be denied.

As their structure developed, the member groups elected the Rt. Rev'd Robert Duncan (deposed) as their "Moderator" a Calvinist term.

The group issued a statement today announcing their demise. Their asserts will be turned over to Duncan. This was to be expected since the group is now part of the faith community of Luddites. What is interesting is the statement by Mr. Duncan:
God did not use the Network to change the direction of The Episcopal Church as we had originally hoped. He has used it and us to create a Biblical, missionary and united Anglican province-in-waiting here in North America. We are deeply thankful to Him and to all who have supported its work... [Emphasis added]
Notice what wee word, "united." I had to laugh when I read it. To call conglomeration Duncan heads "united" is like saying the Baptists are a united group of Christians.

From the moment it created itself, one of its leaders announced that he was in "impaired communion" with members of another joining group. The charismatics are not united with the Anglo-Catholics. Members are disjointed over women. The only thing that they are really united on is rabid homophobia that has caused them to lose touch with reality and sanity.

The other interesting bit is that Duncan calls the organization a "province-in-waiting." Now, wait a minute, they call themselves a Province of the Anglican Communion -- all their press releases have made that claim. They couldn't wait to launch their "province" until all the moths had been shooed out of the 16th century theology of Edward VI. And, now, they are downgraded to "province-in-waiting."

That's really interesting. It appears that the baby whose birth was announced and celebrated on 3 December was not born after all, in fact, it isn't even close to labour pains. One must feel sorry for Mr Duncan whose psychosis leads him to the mistaken conclusion that he is not only the most important person in the history of the world since 1540, but also the sole possessor of the Midas touch.

There is a saying in the Deep South that sums it all up rather well, "So, your huntin' dog don't fly, huh." There is also that phrase we hear each day in Evening Prayer
He has cast down the mighty from there seat ... he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their heart ...
Oh, yes, and from Proverbs:
Pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.
If you'd like to read the whole press release, you'll find it here.