12 December 2008

A Christmas without toys

I grew up in a family that was, to be honest, economically less than blessed. As children and teenagers, we really didn't know we were on the poor side of life. The "poor" were those we took meals to, or went over and helped in other ways.

Mom and dad always found a way to see we had something to make our eyes light up Christmas morning. I don't know how they did it, to be honest. Our gifts were never extravagant, but no one we knew ever got anything extravagant. There were always the dreaded socks, too, to our regret.

I just saw that the USMC's Toy's for Tots is about 25,000 toys short of their typical stockpile at this time of year. The toy bank in my local community has received requests form 700 additional families than it normally receives.

Friends, the economy is bad and we know that. There are thousands of children who will not have a Christmas this year unless we help.

Ask your coworkers to help. Skip lunch today or tomorrow and give that money to make a child's eyes light up on Christmas morning. A child you will never know, a young person who will never be able to thank you. Trust me, you won't miss the few dollars.

Adults understand, but children and teenagers do not understand why there is nothing under the tree.

Yes, this is an appeal to emotion; I hope it worked.

PS I just received an Advent present - a short note from "our" Luiz! He says he is doing well, just busy with the dual degree. What a great Advent present to receive!