14 December 2008


I really miss the good old days when almost every Sunday of the year had a cool Latin name like "Quasi modi genite" and "Oculi" and "Misericordiae".

In those old days today was known as Gaudate Sunday. Gaudate is Latin for rejoice. It takes it's name from the opening antiphon: 'Rejoice in the Lord, again I say rejoice, the Lord is near.' Rose coloured vestments were used. That's why we have a rose coloured candle in the Advent wreath for this Sunday.

Today marks the midpoint of Advent. Yes,
the days are hastening on by prophet, seer, foretold.....

Today's BBC Evensong is from St. Edmundsbury Cathedral. Evensong is here. For evensong from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, click here. You can chose broadband or dial-up.

I've chosen "Gaudate" for the Evensong post. I chose it for it's medieval character and because it is from the wonderful group "Enjoy!

The Saviour draws neigh! O, come let us adore him! (You have to be and oldie to get that one.)