16 December 2008

Do Prayers work?

We have received news from Cath, JCF's friend. Prayers do work friends. I'm just reporting the facts.
Positive News:

I had my six-week follow-up with the oncologist today and the news was positive: My lab results are all within normal limits and the chest X-Ray showed no tumor growth or other progression. My lungs look pretty clear otherwise.

Relieved and happy? Yes, for sure.

I'll have another follow-up visit, labs, and CT scan in six weeks.

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, ceremonies, and everything. YOU are POWERFUL Women and Men and I am so grateful to have you on my side for this.
Fred sends us an update concerning Jerry:
Jerry's white count is now at 35. I am told that is good. I believe it allows the chemo to continue.
Lynn reports that Lee's condition has improved slightly.

Deo gratias! Let's all sing a Te Deum for this good news.