16 January 2009

Good Shepherd's flock moves on

In an update of a previous story, apparently the more than generous offer from the Diocese of CNY was too tainted to accept. Fr. Matthew Kennedy and his schismatic congregation have decided to get out of Babylon as soon as possible for parts unknown. Well, actually, a gymnasium well known to them where the theology is acceptable. According to the Greater Binghamton press,

Church of the Good Shepherd Anglican, which was ousted from its Conklin Avenue building last week, will worship in the gymnasium of Conklin Avenue Baptist Church, 91 Baldwin St., Binghamton.

Worship services will be held at 8 and 10:30 a.m. each Sunday, with Christian education at 9:15 a.m
How sad for all concerned. One wonders, was the location the only location available or was it theology that was the deciding factor?

Notice the press release though. Catch the falsehood? The congregation was not ousted. They were told they didn't own the buildings. The diocese gave them two months to make plans. Here we have another case of the martyr complex at work. Always spin facts to maximize the "poor persecuted me angle." That is the modus operandi for the schismatic organization.

- - -

Now, in an unrelated matter, go read Three Rivers post on one of the scare tactics Duncan used. It involved a proposed change in the canons. There it is again, get a copy of and familiarize yourself with the C&C and you can defend yourself.

Then go over and read the latest from Fort Worth. on Katie's excellent blog, Desert Child. I tell you, it's impossible to make this stuff up!