12 January 2009

Iker reveals brain death

It must be really nice to live in total denial in a self created dimension. Iker has written to the Presiding Bishop telling her she is not welcome in the Episcopal Diocese and has no canonical authority to call a convention. Here's the whole letter. I use it in jpeg format so you won't think I'm making this up.

Make sure to read the last paragraph. It's most revealing.

I thought you might be interested what the Canons say about this situation: Title III, Canon 13
Of Dioceses without Bishops

Sec. 1. A Diocese without a Bishop may, by an act of its Convention, and in consultation with the Presiding Bishop, be placed under the provisional charge and authority of a Bishop of another Diocese or of a resigned Bishop, who shall by that act be authorized to exercise all the duties and offices of the Bishop of the Diocese until a Bishop is elected and ordained for that Diocese or until the act of the Convention is revoked.

Sec. 2. Any Bishop may, on the invitation of the Convention or of the Standing Committee of any Diocese where there is no Bishop, visit and exercise episcopal offices in that Diocese or any part of it. This invitation may include a letter of agreement, shall be for a stated period and may be revoked at any time.

Sec. 3. A Diocese, while under the provisional charge of a Bishop, shall not invite any other Bishop to visit and exercise episcopal acts or authority without the consent of the Bishop in charge.
As the see of Forth Worth is vacant, section one and two apply. The special convention will elect a new standing committee and most likely extend a call or accept the provisional oversight of a bishop appointed by the Presiding Bishop.