02 February 2009

Be sure your sins will find you out

You must read this. While kindling the fires to burn the immoral TEC clergy, it seems that one of the wunderkind schismatic leaders was not practicing what he preached. Read it all here.

The Rev. Lorne Coyle, of Christ Church of Vero Beach, was suspended effective 2 p.m. Sunday because his bishop received an out-of-state woman’s allegations that she and Coyle, who is married, had an affair. He has admitted the affair did take place.

On Sunday, Coyle stood in front of the 400-member congregation and confirmed he had sexual relations with an adult women over a period of years,

Coyle led his congregation out of TEC and established Christ Church in response to what he said was the national Episcopal Church’s straying from biblical morality.

It appears that biblical morality only applies to gays.

Kudos to John Guernsey, the dubious "bishop," who suspended Coyle.

Remember, folks, no gloating on TTLS. Please pray for Coyle and his victim.