05 February 2009

A blogger nails DV about sex

I hope that most of you read Changing Attitudes. It's a really cool UK blog and it is one of the few media outlets with some access to what is going on in Alexandria. In today's post, CA nails DV's hide to the barn door.
David Virtue wonders why I continue to mention him here on the CA blog. It’s because he has asked questions and made comments which astonish me at every press briefing. Yesterday, his question to the Archbishop of Sudan was about homosexuality and the statement made at the Lambeth Conference. The crisis in the Sudan seems of little import to David compared with the Anglican Communion’s engagement with homosexuality. Who fuels this conflict over sexuality? Not most of the Primates and not those working patiently for LGBT inclusion. It is obsessive individuals from the Episcopal Church.

David’s comment on a briefing which had considered Darfur, Bangladesh and global warming: “Another non-event.”
TTLS says simply, spot on.

With all the media hype over the strong statement by the Archbishop of the Sudan that +Robinson should resign, it is interesting that between TEC and Sudan have strengthened. and have never been better. This is a fact about which neither DV nor the general media care. They prefer to obsess over same-gender relations.