11 February 2009

Being undone by the power of the spirit

Our cyber-friend Katie Sherrod has a blog called Desert's Child. She reports on the events in Ft. Worth. It's really a blog you should read frequently.

Last Sunday her post was a report of the special convention to reorganize the continuing Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth. I've read the post about a dozen times because of one small detail she relates. You really must read - it gave me "Holy Ghost Bumps." Knowing that most people won't click the link and read the whole article, here is the part that really captured the whole essence, in my opinion:
As the service ended, and the clergy and choir recessed and began to gather outside the big double doors, Bishop Katherine emerged. She stepped to one side until one of the clergy asked for her blessing.

As she stepped forward and raised her hand, nearly all the priests spontaneously knelt, surprising her and themselves. One of them said to me later, “I fell to my knees, undone by the power of the moment. I wasn’t expecting that, but it seemed so right.”
When I read that, to use a Baptist phrase, "I felt the witness of the spirit." I wish there was a photo of that moment. I'd print it and put it on my refrigerator - and post it on TTLS.

Katie's report makes me so thankful that I worship in a relatively healthy diocese. And it makes me weep for those who've suffered so much from maniacal clergy.

Go read Katie's blog.