14 February 2009

Senator? Jesus on the Line about Prop 8

What better St. Valentine's Day present could we give our sisters and brothers than to help restore the constitutionality of marriage.

You have been given a unique opportunity today. We have been given the opportunity so express our outrage that Proposition 8 was allowed to pass and thereby deny constitutionally guaranteed rights to be ruthlessly taken away from some of our sisters and brothers.

Tuesday our California House and Senate will consider two resolutions - not legislation, but resolutions. Basically, they say that prop 8 was improper, and violates the equal protection clauses in the state constitution.

Since the legislature makes the laws and represents the people, these resolutions will send a strong message to the court. Even more important, these resolutions provide solid legal arguments to overturn prop 8.

If you would like to make your views known on these resolutions, it will take less than ten minutes of your time.
  1. You need to know your State Assemblyman (or woman) and State Senator. Go to this website and submit your zip code. It'll give you both of them, along with all their contact info. (30 seconds)
  1. Call your Assembly person. Most likely, a staff member will answer the phone. Tell them that you're a constituent, and ask for your Assemblyman's (or woman's) position on HR 5. If they support it, then tell them thank you very much. If they don't, then tell them that they should support it, and you'll be thinking about this next time elections roll around. This conversation will probably be surprisingly short and easy. (3-4 minutes)
  1. Call your State Senator. Ask about their position on SR 7. If they don't support it yet, then tell them that they should and remind them that you vote. (3-4 minutes)

If you want further information, you can check out Equality California's website here. They've got some great fact sheets, as well as the full text of the resolutions.

If you would like to use an email to make your views known, go here. You'll need to register but it takes only a minute. Sign in here and then use the "form" email by simply clicking send.

If you are not sure you want to do this, remember that Jesus always stood up for the persecuted and outcasts. He broke bread with them. WWJD? He'd make the telephone call right now.

There is a very old hymn one line of which reads:
    He has no hands but ours
    He has no feet but ours
    He has no voice but ours
Sisters and brothers, go be the voice of Jesus.