26 February 2009

Bad news from Tim and Fran

Tim and Fran are still at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY and will be there for sometime. Tim in not doing well and the disease is progressing.

He is still unable to eat or sleep. His breathing is labored and his resting heart rate is very high. He is receiving both plasma and blood transfusions to improve his blood chemistry.

They have decided to start him on decadron as the myelofibrosis has progressed into acute myeloid leukemia.

He is unable to rest for more then 30 mins at time because of the disease. He moves from the bed to the chair to get some relieve. This is very difficult for Fran as she has no relief as well. She is up with him around the clock to tend to him.

This is the link to the hospital where all visitor information can be found. Fran really could use some visitors to cheer her up although she will tell you she is fine.

They are in room 728. How about we all sen them a card - mention the blog so they know how you learned of their need.