26 February 2009

The noose tightens on Schofield

The California Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal by the schismatic thieves in the Diocese of Los Angeles. That is not good news for the Steal-a-church bunch lead by deposed bishop David Schofield.

You may read about this over on the Grapevine who scooped us all according to the time stamp.

Basically, the court said, again,
Applying the neutral principles of law approach, we conclude, on this record, that the general church, not the local church, owns the property in question
The only action the court did take on this issue was to modify three sentences in the original decision. The decision is here. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

The whole property issue is not settled, yet; but this is another nail in the coffin. The precedent has been set and upheld by the California Supreme Court.

This is indeed bad news for Schofield and his fellow thieves in California or his chief Southern Conehead, Gregory Venables, who has knowingly received stolen goods into his province. Which is an illegal act according to his own province's constitution and canons.

Off Topic has a "worthy of a read" posed on the development.