15 February 2009

Schofield to ignore WR and Primates' request

This will come as absolutely no surprise, but it took less than two weeks for the dementors to make their first move. It comes in the familiar form of deposed bishop Dave Schofield.

His plans for a Schofieldreich are moving forward and will open a mission in Nevada, according to his ecclesial community's web page.
Fr. Howard and Deacon Erin Giles, clergy in good standing of the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin, are forming a core group to plant an Anglican church in the Las Vegas/Henderson area of Southern Nevada. A group of twelve is planning Ash Wednesday and Lenten Soup Suppers in private homes. Please contact us so that you can join us in fellowship and in seeking the Lord.

Our first Sunday worship will be on Palm Sunday with a full schedule through Holy Week at an undetermined location.
I love this part of the "mission statement":
We will seek those who are lost, and bring again those who were driven away, and will bind up those who are broken, and will strengthen those who are sick (Ez. 34:15,16a), by continuing stedfastly [sic] in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers (Acts 2:42); holding fast the profession of our faith without wavering, provoking one another unto love and to good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, but exhorting one another as we see the day approaching (Heb. 10: 23- 25).
There it is again, the poor persecuted "real" Christians who were driven away. They will all be called back to the "profession of our faith without wavering, provoking one another ...."

All that in the what is arguably the divorce capital of the world. Oh; I forgot - they threw out what Jesus said about divorce. So much for not wavering from the faith. (Interestingly, 82+ percent of the population say they are religious.)

And, they aren't going to provoke anyone. I laughed aloud when I read that bit of propaganda.

All this would really be funny except they are serious about this. They really believe their own press releases and propaganda. I guess it's true: Tell a lie often enough and you'll believe it.

The question to be asked is: "Why move into Nevada?" I think part of the answer is that Schofield knows he is going to lose a huge chunk of "his" faithful for two reasons.
  1. The primates do not recognize a new super province of North America. They had all their eggs in the new province basket and the store keepers wouldn't buy them - yet. That has created a certain amount of delusion to set in among the "persecuted."
  1. The courts will rule in favour of The Episcopal Church. When the buildings are returned to TEC, those who were too attached buildings and stayed in the pews (without a theological change) will remain with the buildings again.
Dave has to replace those people and Nevada is a logical place to deceive them into joining the quasi ecclesial Reich.

Dave knows this game too well. There are few Episcopal Churches in Nevada and there are miles and miles of sand between each parish/mission. Does that sound familiar? It's how he stole (temporarily) most of TEC's property and other assets in San Joaquin.

He will move in preaching his twisted gospel of hate and spread his lies about TEC. So there you have it. A repeat performance of San Joaquin.

But, remember, it is the Episcopal Church that refuses to abide by the Windsor Report. The schismatics are toeing the Windsor line.

What I would like to know is, what censored words escaped the lips of Duncan, Iker, Minns and Alinola. Schofield is definitely the weakest link. He has always been a bull in a china shop. He cannot be controlled - ask three Diocese of California Bishops about that. He is a law unto himself. Once he get's an idea, he cannot be reasoned with (as if he ever could).

After the primates' meeting and the "lay low" facade of the GS primates, I can bet this went over like a lead balloon. I'll venture a guess that they want to give Dave a gentle shove overboard and cut the rope on the life preserver.

By the way, as you may have noticed (if you followed the links in this post) our Blog-Father, Jake, has acquiesced to our pleading and made the home place public again. He is not and will not blog there, but will allow us to revisit the great posts of the past.