19 February 2009

Stupid statement of the week

May of us with an interest in the Lutheran debate over spirituality and sexuality have followed their agonizing struggle over human sexuality with some sense of sympathy as we Episcopalians understand the passions involved.

Today it was announced that the compromise proposal to be deliberated by the ELCA will be to allow individual congregations to chose to accept partnered GLB clergy. The report is here

I actually think that's a very good decision. It is a victory for the GLB community.

Of course things aren't all happiness in Lutherland. The conservative group is not happy about the proposal.

I really should have business cards printed up that say simply, "I am a member of the stupid person of the week club." That way, I could simply hand one to every person who reveals his/her brain death.

This week the card would go to The Rev'd Erma Wolf, associate pastor of the Split Rock Lutheran Church (ELCA) in South Dakota and vice chair of the conservative group in the Lutheran Church, Coalition for Reform (CORE).

I laughed aloud when I read this
When any church finds itself accommodating its teachings to the ways of the culture, that church is in trouble. No Church has the authority to overturn the Word of God.
Imagine that! A female pastor telling the church that it cannot reinterpret the Word of God in light of modern understanding and that tradition must triumph.

I remember that day in November 1970 when the first woman was ordained a pastor in the Lutheran Church. That overturned the World of God which tells women, like Wolf, their place is to keep silence in church and that they are to be subordinate to men in all things.

This idiot, Erma Wolf owes her livelihood and ministry to the accommodation of culture and overturning the World of God. This is a good example that fundamentalists all suffer from same lack of morality and that the Anglican Communion doesn't have a monopoly on cherry picking presbyters.

Erma, here's your card.

Read the AP report here.