24 March 2009

Armstrong as arrogant as ever

I've read almost everything I can find on the Grace Church decision. Reading the PDF of the decision is a true revelation. You'll find it here.

One bit of reading made me almost weep. It is found in the Colorado Gazette.

The judge's ruling said the breakway group, which goes by the name Grace Church & St. Stephen's, "shall immediately cease all use and relinquish all possession, control, and dominion over the disputed property."

But Grace Church & St. Stephen's leader, the Rev. Donald Armstrong, called police after security guards hired by the Episcopal church went onto the property to patrol it. Armstrong said the security officers were trespassing, so he called police. He produced what he called a "writ of restitution," indicating that the Episcopal Church doesn't take possession of the property until April 1.

"They must leave," Armstrong said. "They have no right to be on the property until April."

Mr. Armstrong has lost his case, the judge has told him to vacate the stolen property, yet he defiantly says the legal owners' representatives "have no right to be on the property."

The man is facing possible criminal charges for embezzlement, has just been called a thief by the courts, and he is still completely unrepentant. Yet, he purports to be a priest and worthy to lead a congregation by his moral example. This attitude is ubiquitous in the schismatic movement.

Pride goeth before destruction
A haughty spirit before a fall.