25 March 2009

Colorado schismats get three day repreive

Both "sides" in the Grace Church case met in court Wednesday morning. CANA asked for a 60-day stay of eviction stating that "it takes a lot of time to relocate a 1,200 member congregation." The original order stated that the schismatics must vacate the property by 1 April.

The judge granted a two-day extension. They must vacate by 3 April. This will allow the Episcopalians to prepare for Palm Sunday worship in their building.

Apparently, there is to be a video inventory of the premises. Additionally, the security guards were instructed to allow people access to the property but not to allow any physical property to be removed from the occupied buildings.

James in Colorado opined, "This could be so simple, but they're making it hard."

What I wonder is, what's in the buildings that Armstrong and CANA do not want to "fall into the wrong hands."