19 March 2009

Bible Study Online for Episcopalian

Last week while I was trying to die but couldn't get it right, again, one of my visitors was a member of the weekly bible study class I teach (we are doing the Elizabethan Settlement this week). She wondered why there wasn't more bible study in TEC. That is a good question.

This morning I stumbled upon a bible study blog for Episcopalians. I was rather excited. The study reflects the weekly Eucharistic readings. The blog is owned by Sarah Johnson of the Episcopal Church Center (815).

The format is really simple and the readings are included so one does not even need to have a hard copy of the bible at hand.

Sarah presents the readings and then presents two or three questions about each reading for the reader to ponder and post a reply.

Check it out here. There will also be a link on the sidebar to the blog.