16 April 2009

Schismatic Primates recognise schismatic ecclesial community in North America

We knew it was coming and lo, and behold, it has. The schismatic Primates in the Anglican world have recognized the "province" of North America as the official "Anglican" presence in North America. The primates who met in London issued the following statement:
From its inception, the GAFCON movement has centered on the power of Christ to make all things new. We have heard this week of the great progress made in North America towards the creation of a new Province basing itself on this same biblical gospel of transformation and hope. We have also envisioned the future of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans as a movement for defending and promoting the biblical gospel of the risen Christ.

Yet we are saddened that little progress seems to have been made in resolving the present crisis in the Anglican Communion of which we are a part. The recent primatial meeting in Alexandria served only to demonstrate how deep and intractable the divisions are and to encourage us to sustain the important work of GAFCON.

The GAFCON Primates’ Council has responsibility of recognizing and authenticating orthodox Anglicans who have had to leave their original churches, and promoting the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA) as a bulwark against this false teaching and a rallying point for orthodoxy. It is our aim not to divide the Communion further, but to provide a way in which faithful Anglicans many of whom are suffering much loss, can remain as Anglicans within the Communion while distancing themselves from false teaching.

At this meeting highly significant progress was made on both fronts.

We met with Bishop Bob Duncan and a number of the Episcopal leaders of the proposed new Province. Careful consideration was given to the new ‘Province in formation’ in North America. This is made up so far of approximately 100,000 Anglican Christians in Canada and the US who wish to be known as Anglicans and to be in fellowship with the Anglican Communion world-wide. We have asked whether we can recognize and authenticate this movement as truly Anglican.

As a result of this process, we celebrate the organization and official formation of ACNA around the same principles that gave rise to the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) and now the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA). Though many Provinces have expressed impaired or broken communion with TEC and the Anglican Church of Canada, our fellowship with faithful Anglicans in North America has remained steadfast.

The leaders of the schism have made it official: they will determine who is Anglican, not the ABC or anyone else. They have proclaimed themselves the owners of the store - they have claimed the privatization of the Anglican world.

We have the new organization recognised by the very people who created it, who do the bidding of the schismatics who pay their bills - the US schismatics.

But, they have revealed themselves to be the liars they always ahve been. Since their inception they have claimed they were not a new group, just a "fellowship" working inside the structure of the Anglican Communion. But their statement reveals the truth. They are now, and always have been outside. They have never wanted to be inside because they could not wrest the control of the communion.

I've been reading an old book on the life of Mary Stewart (Stuart), who was the Queen of Scotland. I came across a truly prophetic statement:
One of the most remarkable capacities of persons of hysterical disposition is, not only their ability to be splendid liars, but to be imposed upon by their own falsehoods. For them the truth is what they want it to be, what they believe is what they wish to believe, so that their testimony may often be the most honourable of lies, and therefore the most dangerous.
That is exactly what we have in the Donatist heresy of the 21st century. They are splendid liars and they believe their own lies wholeheartedly.

About once each five-hundred years in the life of the church there is a major upheaval. That's what we are witnessing. We are in the midst of the final battle, though.

This is the schismatic Waterloo and they realize it. They must gain power at all costs and they do not care about the collateral damage. They will crawl over all the dead bodies in the Western World to grasp the flag of victory. And once again, as in the days of the inquisition, hey are more than happy to use the legal system to reinforce their troops. That's why the fundamentalists poured an obscene amount of money into the "Yes" campaign in California. It is why they are so hysterical over the issue. It is the last gasp of the dying.

But, thanks be to God, the past is finished and gone, all things are being made new.

The full press release by the schismatic primates will be found here.

UPDATE: Make sure to read Jim Naughton's comments.