11 May 2009

Bishop exposes schismatic's leadership style and agenda

Folks, I want you to go to Changing Attitude and read about the type of person who wishes to rule the communion.

After you read the post, about the non-christian actions of Nigerian Bishop Ikechi Nwosu, e-mail all your friends and ask them to read the post, too. This disgusting satanic display must be widely publicized.

Here is a quote from the confrontation
Bishop Nwosu and Dr Okorie suddenly burst into the room and immediately challenged me. The bishop demanded that I gave him my camera. I had no right to take his photograph without his permission, he said. Calmly, I said no, I am not giving you my camera. He was seething with anger, looming over me, jabbing his finger at me. He was intimidating and very frightening. I understood how Nigerian bishops can so successfully and easily intimidate their own people.
Remember, folks, these are the "Christians," the "true Anglicans" who wish to rule the Communion with their perverted brand of Christianity.

Nwosu is one of the African bishops who argued that the covenant must have section four reinstated and that without section four, the covenant is meaningless.

If the covenant is "meaningless" without that section, it means that the covenant is exclusively about section four, the disciplinary section, and nothing else. It is insidiously about legalism - a form of religion Jesus did away with.

These so-called Christians want to be able bash people and the covenant is the way for them to have the power to do it. For the non Anglican world, and most of the people in the communion, this is the reason Christianity has such a bad name. We are seen as legalistic and hate filled. Why? Because of the actions of these fake Christians.