11 May 2009

Chicago Consultation gets it correct

In all the palaver of rhetoric and non-listening, occasionally there is a shining star that gets it correct. Once such start is the Chicago Consultation. From their press release:
At its best, the Anglican Communion is a manifestation of the body of Christ in which the Holy Spirit blesses members from different cultures and contexts in various ways and gives us grace to embrace all of these gifts. All around us, we see evidence that this Communion—strengthened by common prayer and sacraments, mutual mission, and ministry of our gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters—offers rich possibility for our common life.

Sometimes this way is difficult, but we believe it is the path on which God is calling us to go forward together. We urge the Anglican Consultative Council, the working group to be appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Episcopal Church to follow by doing justice and seeking true communion, without fear about where God might lead us.
And that, folks, is how the cows eat the cabbage as they say in the South. Three cheers for clearly defining the issue. Now, if only the hatemonger primates would shut their mouths long enough to listen.

You may read the entire press release at The Lead. Thanks to Jim Naughton for bringing it to our attention.

Also, you must read Nicholas Knisley's post on the ACC meeting. You'll find it here. It is another of those moments of truth.