30 May 2009

The Office of Hispanic Minstry speaks on the Cutié reception

The Office of Hispanic Ministry of The Episcopal Church has issued a statement dealing with the recent reception of a Roman Catholic priest by the Rt. Rev'd Leo Frade, Ordinary of the Diocese of South East Florida.
As many of you know the Rev. Alberto Cutié has been received into the Episcopal Church as a layperson in the Diocese of Southeast Florida.

News surrounding this move has received a lot of attention in the press. I have had several phone calls from newspapers and many emails from people all over asking about how they can join the Episcopal Church.

My guess is that this Sunday many of our churches will be visited by people who are just learning about us. So I am writing to suggest that you prepare yourselves and your leadership to receive them. I recommend that you make copies of brochures about the Episcopal Church and that you might consider a forum after church to answer questions.

The scandal surrounding Padre Alberto and his girlfriend was unfortunate but because of his joining the Episcopal Church it has brought us to the attention of the public. I pray that we might be able to take advantage of this appropriately but without throwing this in the face of our brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church. [Emphasis added]
It was originally reported that the statement came from the Rt. Rev'd Leo Frade, Ordinary, but the author is Anthony Guillien

I apologize for posting twice today.